Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Coffee, I love you...

Every now and then I freak out and decide to quit coffee. I think I reach the point of being really addicted, you know, getting headaches when I don't drink it, thinking about it when I'm not drinking it, the whole shebang. Then I get upset that I rely on it so much and I decide, that's it, no more! There are two problems with this quitting coffee thing, though. The first is that I legit love the taste of coffee! (This part seemed solvable enough- Decaf!) The second problem is that I love being addicted to coffee! Fail! The only way to fix that is to get over it (booo) or to cave in and endlessly enjoy the caffeinated goodness that is coffee. 

So its decided then. I'm over quitting coffee. Plus, lets be honest, caffeinated coffee looks way better in my product photos (see below) than decaf does, am I right? :::wink wink:::


  1. Oh yes, as a fellow coffee lover I cannot allow you to deprive yourself of this indulgence. Stand tall, be proud and announce...yes, my name is Nina and I am a coffee addict!!! No shame in that.

    -Tania ;)

  2. I agree on the picture thing but the rest is a no for me.

    I despise the taste of coffee, though the smell is pleasant :)
    I'm sorry about your headaches, maybe you should just try to cut back a little there is no need to completely quit it is just a dependency like that sound dangerous