Sunday, February 21, 2010

Piece of a second...

"There is a piece of a second
during which a jet is not flying
nor is it on the ground.

I'm working on a theory
that no one can die
inside that piece of a second.

If you are comforted
by this thought you are welcome
to keep it."

- excerpt from Her my body by Bob Hicok

This is the first but definitely not the last time I mention Bob Hicok in this here blog! He is my absolute favorite poet. I read and reread his work all the time, always finding something new, something different. He is ever inspiring.

In keeping with that, I made a photo collection of things that made me happy this week! 
+ Live music. All the time please! Trevor Hall.
+ New block print in the making. Hooray!
+ I was invited to sell work on the beautiful Fey Handmade.
+ Banana muffins. Need I say more?
+ Strawberries in chocolate with w. 
+ The sun shining in on my "apartment garden!" I'm loving that the sun is setting later! 

Do tell me what made you happy this week! Or what you look forward to for the week to come...


  1. What a lovely post!

    Spending time with my hubby and pup made me happy this weekend.

  2. The picture of the strawberries definitely made me happy...mmmmmm.

  3. Great post! Love your presentation and your shop items. I hearted on of your napkin designs on Etsy! Much success,


  4. Your blog set up is nice. I also like banana nut muffins and chocolate in any form.

  5. Your blog is beautiful and elegant.
    I love your photographs.
    Best wishes~Kerry